LABOR is a collective happening.
We play music, show video-art and perform shows in which we show concern about problems in the world.
We play theater and music in the world. Everywhere. So we call it location theater. The show will always be adapted to the place in which it is played. But we also play on regular stages.
It is a challenge to always play a new concert, we try not to repeat what we played before. We want to surprise ourselves and the audience. Each show is different and we won’t ignore the state of the audience; they are equal to the artists that play on stage. The interaction with the audience is the way we communicate with the audience.
They are the ones who live with us in the moment in this space.
An important part of the visual aspect is provided by a video artist who is reacting and adapting to what she is hearing live on stage.
We also work with a dancer and an actor and at times it’s like you are looking more at a theater piece, than a pop concert. (although the music does play a dominant role a lot of the time.)
All these disciplines are trying to tell the content of the story we play.
What we try to accomplish in the music is a blend of original pop songs, instrumental compositions and structured and free improvisation. A pop song can be played slightly different each time, because we operate in an organic way, responding to the reality of that moment.
Using repetitive structures we make the music open and accessible for the audience.
We want to discover the music in a new way every time we play and  all aspects in time and space will be taking part in this moment. So this we can call honest theater.
How do we make a piece?
We have a big repertoire of songs, images and stories.
When we are invited to play at a specific place, we will let the location inspire us how to play the show.
So we don’t have  ready made, fixed pieces, but we will adjust our show to the needs of the circumstances and the location.
We can adapt to the wishes of the client, because we have a repertoire in which we can be flexible.
We make new compositions when there is a special theme.
In this way of working we try to reach an honest way to make unique theater.


Do not fear mistakes. There are none.
Miles Davis

Labor is playing "improvised popmusic". In their music one can hear sounds referring to the 80ies, 90ies, Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz, R&B, Rock en Spokenword. Most of the music is composed by Jorinde Kuiper, other sources are covers and compositions by bandmembers.
The songs are treatet by the band as material that can be developed in a playful way. The band improvises; extending structures, connecting one song to another or spontanously creating new parts.
Every show the music is surprisingly new, reacting on the surrounding, the actors, dancer and the audience. 

                                                   Cellavie, Videoartist about her work in LABOR:           
Reflectie van ideeën.
De video installaties reflecteren mijn ideeën vertaald in licht.
De thema's van Labor vertaal ik in verschillende beelden,
Ik improviseer live met de muziek mee.
                    Met meerdere beamers creëer ik een licht wereld die met de muziek en zang samen hun ritme vinden.
           Het gaat om het samenspel waarin de verschillende disciplines elkaar
versterken en verdiepen.